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Fibre optic infrastructure upgrades, Wi-Fi Design Strategy, Server Room or Data Centre moves, Ci2 is the team that will bring hope and confidence to your budget, strategy, and project execution plan.

Reliable and high-performing infrastructure is crucial and there's no time for down time. Ci2 has the experience and the value-engineering track record to do things well, timely, and in a way that will put your organization and your team in a great position to face the future.

IT Project Management

Decades of IT projects have compelled the Ci2 team to embrace RACI as our project management ideology and framework.

Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed

IT Project Management

Ci2 has been managing IT projects for 28+ years and we bring a wealth of insight and acumen.

We have moved data centers across the street and across the country. Data, information systems, and IT infrastructure is all on the move these days and Ci2 has the team, the tech, and the insight to ensure there are no dead bodies to hide at any stage of the process.