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Present trends bear witness to an intransigent age of fraud, cybercrime, ransomware, data theft, corruption, blackmail, and extortion that overlooks no one.

Ci2's security experts combined with our Next-Gen tools and technology tame the insatiable needs to be "up to the moment" in detection, containment, and mitigation.

Security is the number one Key Performance Indicator (KPI), and we have the team and the tech to deliver the peace of mind you're looking for.

CIS Controls, SOC2, IS0 27001 Readiness

Shareholder's value protection, fiduciary duty, insurance obligations, and legislated and professional covenants are necessitating audit, control, and continuous improvement and accountability.

CIS Controls

Ci2 is a CIS Controls, SOC2, ISO27001 readiness partner. We help you prepare your IT infrastructure, policies, and systems for compliance testing and auditing with a CPA or Certification Provider.

Ci2 has a 28+ year track record of collaborating and assisting your team's vested technical members with whatever your present needs are.

Consulting & Management

Ci2's security experts and our Active Security Management solution implement the latest countermeasures and monitoring to mitigate risks proactively.

Consulting & Management

Our central security team takes the initiative and drives agendas to ensure security is the number one KPI 24/7/365.

Disaster Readiness & Response

Business leaders find themselves in awkward and uncertain situations if they are not given the opportunity to understand the technical activities, challenges, trends, and risks related to the complex mesh of technology that is critical to the operation of their business.

Disaster Readiness & Response

Ci2 makes sure your company understands where the risks are so that countermeasures and mitigation strategies can be approved and implemented ahead of time. Many events are foreseeable, the key is being prepared.

Delivering a reliable, scalable, recoverable, and secure systems environment is necessitating an increasingly in-depth commitment

Risk Advisory & Crisis Leadership

Pain is a teacher, and our team has had a 28-year education as we've witnessed, experienced, and mitigated a countless number of painful experiences ranging from fire, to floods, to espionage, to rogue employees, to fraud, theft, back-doors, and every form of cyber-attack, virus, and network compromise.

Risk Advisory & Crisis Leadership

The Ci2 team started in 1994 and we have become battle hardened, developing an extremely comprehensive toolset to keep organizations safe.

Our senior staff can help your team with Confidential Senior Risk Advisory services.

Sometimes all you need is a 3rd party to test listen and validate what you've already done. In other cases, you're starting from scratch. In either case, we understand and we're ready, willing, and able to help.