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We make ensure that communication channels are simple, responsive, and collaborative. You and your staff will always deal with a team who knows your business, is committed to your goals, and who are experts in your specific technology setup. Although we use a ticketing system internally, we never ask anyone to write down a ticket or case number.

People First: That Is Our Focus

Our goal is to keep staff, customers, and organizations productive without delays, without stress, and with IT as a partner in continuous improvement.

As your partner in information technology, Ci2 will:

  • Deliver consistently reliable + well performing computer & technology environments
  • Provide business focused advocacy, leadership, and unbiased consultation
  • Thoroughly manage IT risk areas and take proactive action as required
  • Greatly enhance Internal and External systems monitoring for performance and availability
  • Oversee Internet Security, Implement Counter Measures, and provide education to staff
  • Assistance with budget development, management, and cost control
  • Identify opportunities and participate in development of resource saving initiatives

Ci2's highly committed & experienced team consistently puts people first. Our daily objective is to provide personal support that is simultaneously focused on individual productivity and technical excellence. Ci2 offers a wide range of solutions for every budget.

You will always deal with someone who knows your business and your specific technology setup. We will never ask you to write down a ticket number or a case number, we keep it personal and we care.

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