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Ci2 Group managed networks give companies and employees the best opportunity to succeed, meet their deadlines and be productive without the distraction of IT issues that are so common in under-managed networks.

Our end goal is to create IT environments that are reliable, flexible, predictable, and empowering. Every new challenge or issue that arises is greeted with a business minded approach that seeks a solution versus a short term fix.

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As your Managed IT provider, you can count on us to:

  • Deliver consistently reliable + well performing computer & technology environments
  • Internal and External systems monitoring
  • Management of all backup systems and ensuring dependable recoverability, and loss prevention
  • Thoroughly manage IT risk areas and take proactive action as required
  • Manage Internet Security, Implement Counter Measures, and provide education to staff
  • Asset Lifecycle Management, Loss Prevention, and Procurement of hardware and software
  • Maintain Confidentiality and system access integrity
  • Manage and respond to growth and changing requirements
  • Provide leadership, technology direction and training options
  • Identify opportunities and participate in development of resource saving initiatives
  • Manage and Enforce IT policies, best practices and standards
  • Facilitate and support new and existing Information Systems
  • Project Data archiving, data life cycle management
  • Management of software licensing, and all IT budget line items to ensure best price & value

For staff, desktop, laptop, and mobile device support, you can count on us for:

  • Consistent, reliable, standardized, and enriched software & hardware configurations.
  • Prompt, personalized, remote & on-site support & training
  • Responsive & flexible completion of all move / add / change requirements for staff
  • Implementation and support of new office hardware
  • Implement and support of all Smartphone technology
  • Empower staff to use systems and software efficiently & effectively

Managed IT Services

Poor software and systems drag down morale, customer service, and confidence

In a world of low margins, rising expectations, and tighter deadlines, organizations everywhere have few places to turn for improvements in efficiency, profitability, and competitive advantage. Managed IT Services by Ci2 brings more than just stability, and security, our team's focus is to help your team excel.

Ci2 eliminates the glass ceiling that poor tech and uncertain tech-leadership creates. We empower a "Can do, yes we can" culture by facilitating technology that is reliable, flexible, smart, and efficient. Over years of experience has refined and sharpened us. Give us a call and let us share how "we're different" today.

Risk Management

Hardware failures, power loss, data corruption, user error, cyber-attacks, disgruntled employees, malware + ransomware are all inconvenient but foreseeable realities that necessitate expertise and disciplined mitigation and countermeasure.

  • Auditing & oversight
  • Life cycle management
  • Staff training & ongoing education
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity

Are a few of our engineered solutions that bring peace of mind.

Cloud and Hosting Services

Ci2 takes the commitment of protecting and managing your data very seriously

In addition to our Azure, Amazon, and other 3rd part offerings, Ci2 can also help with secure hosting in our secure Western Canada data centre which is protected by 24/7 professional security personnel, user access control, redundant power, redundant emergency generators, redundant power grids, and multi-redundant fiber optic connections and upstream providers.

VEEAM Cloud Backup Services

Your data and IT infrastructure are critical to your business so when unexpected loss happens, off-site backups may be the only option for a return to ‘business as usual’.

The significance of this requires a comprehensive commitment; which is our promise to you. This promise is built on 4 pillars:

  • Outstanding backup technology by VEEAM® & other top ranked vendors
  • Secure Location & Security
  • People & Expertise
  • Committed Governance


Ci2's goal is to develop high functioning and collaborative partnerships with your organization's key stakeholders. Ci2 works to earn this by listening, being flexible, and delivering excellent, transparent service and best available solutions.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every turn but your ongoing confidence is a vital priority that we focus on. We strive to substantiate and collaborate on every plan, strategy, and initiative so that the management and executive teams are fully engaged partners in the current tech initiatives that are moving your organization forward.

The IT teams at Ci2, bring leadership, project management, and time tested methods that will help your organization rise above the confusing IT fog that so many groups struggle with.

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