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We want to see you succeed! Every fibre of insight, tech, and teamwork we have is at your disposal to meet today's business, security, and technology challenges.

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Latest Posts

Partners in Complexity Reduction

March 16, 2021

As organizations embrace #DigitalTransformation, they inevitably encounter complexities and interdependencies that can stall or even derail their projects...

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Partnership is our Mission

March 9, 2021

The REAL Covid Story of 2020-2021 is the resilience, courage, sacrifice, talent, and leadership, of people and teams who didn't capitulate to doom, gloom, and fear. Instead, they pressed on, one...

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Partners in Data Center Relocations

February 23, 2021

Secure rooms full of blinking lights and humming fans are the backbone of today's commerce and communication. Largely invisible, and almost incomprehensible at times, the vast...

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Our Services
Cyber Security
World class security experts with the knowledge and expertise you need
CIS Controls, SOC2, IS027001 Readiness
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Consulting & Management
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Disaster Readiness & Response
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Risk Advisory & Crisis Leadership
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Digital Transformation
Let successful & cost-effective systems development go to work for your organization
Major Systems Design & Dev
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Data Science & Big Data Consultation
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Workflow Automation & Optimization
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Power Platform
IT Infrastructure
Decades of IT projects have compelled the Ci2 team to embrace RACI as our project management ideology and framework
IT Project Management
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Managed IT Services
Ci2 Group Inc. is a 28+ year partner in Information Technology Consulting, Risk Management, and Digital Transformation
Cloud Leadership & Services
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Web UI/UX Design
First impressions count - from conception to completion, Ci2 is full-service
365 Online Presence
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Design Dream Team
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Our Vision
Partnership, Leadership, & Opportuinity
In a world of low margins, rising expectations, and tighter deadlines, organizations everywhere have few places to turn for improvements in efficiency, profitability, and competitive advantage.