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Our Focus is your productivity, peace of mind, and security. Our goal is to make your firm a market leader.

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IT Consultant / Generalist required!

Our Victoria office space has doubled and we continue to sign new clients!

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Step One, Build a Roadmap

The Ci2 team believes that managers, directors, and owners are at a strategic disadvantage when they are not given the opportunity to fully understand or realize the potential of the technology that can distinguish their business from the competition. We focus on people, process + technology to enable marketplace advantage. Every organization should have a roadmap for the future.

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Leadership Advantage!

Since 1994, hundreds of companies have relied on Ci2 to be their strategic partner. Our senior team members are very comfortable working with owners, managers, and executive teams, offering a broad range of technology acumen and business insight. Let our experience work for you!

Ci2 Victoria!

Your West Coast Advantage!

There is a vast difference between knowing "how to do" IT tasks, and knowing "what to do".

The team at Ci2 Victoria knows what to do.

Leadership and service is our calling card. Our Account Manager's take the time to understand your business, your goals, your budget, and then we deliver the technology and reliable experience that you're looking for.

Our Focus is your productivity, peace of mind, and security. Our goal is to make your firm a market leader.

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With over 20 years experience in the industry we are ready to help you achieve your goals!

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Our team is always striving to exceed expectations. We live in a zero-time-margin world where everyone relies on their technology to be working 100% of the time. When questions or issues come up, our team aims to respond within 15 minutes. We are always on-alert to respond to issues 24/7/365.


Whether it's a foreseeable problem or a disaster, our focus on risk management is central to our managed services. Our proactive approach includes regular auditing and life cycle management so that backups, threat management, and contingency systems will be ready when called upon. Our large spectrum of clients helps us deliver best-in-class enterprise solutions to all customers, regardless of size.


Realizing competitive advantage + practical value from technology investments takes leadership. Our team isn't just trying to keep your systems up to date. We are trying to keep your processes up to date. New technology unlocks new ways of doing things that give your people "the edge". Often all that is missing is a quick introduction or a small amount of training.


Ci2 utilizes industry leading asset, remote management, and automation technology solutions: including #1 ranked N-Able. Comprehensive monitoring, anti-virus protection, remote support, asset tracking, and software deployment tools are just some of the services that Ci2 excels at. Our automation technologies + process save countless hours of work resulting in faster response, simplified fulfilment, and lower costs.